I think one
of the more interesting topics in this article is the idea of digital
fluency.  A lot of times when people
think about computers in the classroom they immediately think of how expensive
that seems.  But in reality you can get a
large number of desktops for relatively cheap these days.  Most school districts are able to at least
get 30 computers for a computer lab so that the students can have a computer
class just like they would have art or music class.  I was able to shadow a teacher in a 4th
grade class about a year ago.  The one
day they were going to their computer class and the teacher said that I could
go with them if I wanted.  So I was
intrigued to see what they were doing at that age group in a computers
class.  Unfortunately, that day the
teacher was feeling a little lazy and just gave them some "free time" where
they could pretty much just play around on the internet, hopefully on
educational websites.  But when I walked
around, almost no students were doing anything productive.  They obviously knew how to use the internet
to find their favorite games and a few of them were on youtube.  So I asked the teacher what kinds of things a
4th grade class would normally do. 
She replied that they would learn to look things up on the internet using
sites such as Google, how to use Microsoft word, and other fairly basic things
on the computer.  So it kind of made me
laugh when I saw those things as the examples of what kids are taught in the
article.  Like the article points out,
they are just learning basics and not really how to becoming fluent with using
the computers.  In reality, by 4th
grade, most of the students these days already know how to use the internet and
things such as Microsoft Word, at least to the level she was teaching at.  But while most districts have been able to
find enough funds to create a computer lab, they seem to have put no money into
creating a more current and effective curriculum in regards to a computer
class.  The class seemed really easy to
the students, and maybe it was just the day I happened to be there, but the
teacher did not really seem to care too much. 
I don't think a lot of teachers realize how efficient most students are
at using technology even at a young age, and most districts assume that they
can get almost any teacher to teach a computer class.  I know my computers teacher in 6th
grade was just there to have a job until he could get the one he really
wanted.  Two years later he became a 6th
grade history teacher.  So I think more
school districts need to invest in a real computer teacher and a real computer
curriculum so that students can truly learn how to become fluent and
comfortable with more aspects of computers rather than just the basics that a
lot of them can figure out by themselves at home.
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